Saltines are Unleavened Bread

With the elementary kids, we’re pausing from our regular Genesis curriculum to focus on Lent – specifically, Holy Week. This Sunday we talked about the Last Supper. Did you know the connection between the 10th plague in Exodus, the Passover Jesus and all other Jews celebrated (and still do), and Holy Communion that we take … Continue reading Saltines are Unleavened Bread

A Little Lenten Project: Giving & Sacrifice

Today we will talk about how a single penny could be worth more to God than millions of dollars. We will learn about the poor widow who gave more than all the rich people, and that things aren’t always the way they seem. While Jesus was preaching in the temple he saw lots of rich … Continue reading A Little Lenten Project: Giving & Sacrifice

Ash Wednesday – Repent and Believe.

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is, without fail, our most highly attended midweek event (sorry for the crass term) each year. It is a dark, somber service where Andrew repeatedly tells us we’re sinners who are going to die. But every year, more and more people show up. I wonder why. On staff, we’ve talked … Continue reading Ash Wednesday – Repent and Believe.

Sacrificing Some Time for Lent

Lent is the 40 days preceding Easter beginning with Ash Wednesday. In years past, when we used prepackaged curriculum, there was never a focus on Lent. We just kept going with regular lessons, but now that we’ve taken the reigns, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on this important season. Here’s why: Lent is a … Continue reading Sacrificing Some Time for Lent