Who Do You Reflect?

This week we can see through Paul’s journey what it means when God is with us and the Holy Spirit guides us. It certainly does not mean that our life is all rainbows and butterflies. Despite many challenges and much physical harm, Paul stood boldly in the truth of Christ. Monday March 15, Acts 21:27-36 … Continue reading Who Do You Reflect?

Good Music Is Hard to Come By

I get frustrated with a lot of Contemporary Christian Music. I honestly shouldn't criticize because, well...could I do any better? But, truly, I'm not criticizing the talent of the writers / performers. I'm criticizing the thought behind the songs. Often they just repeat the same 3-5 words over and over and those words don't seem … Continue reading Good Music Is Hard to Come By

Whatever Floats Your Boat

This week we read more about Paul traveling(by boat) to different places to encourage the local church. And then we end the week with his last stop in Jerusalem. Paul understood the urgency and importance of telling people how to live a life that honored God.  Monday, March 8: Acts 19:21-41 Key Points: Paul was … Continue reading Whatever Floats Your Boat

Why Help Others?

I just read a great article yesterday in the Dallas News and it had this quote that struck me, “we don’t help others because they are Christians, but because we are.” Acts of service to others has always been important to me. I love serving my family and making them delicious meals. I get that … Continue reading Why Help Others?

Amy Grant does it again

Acts is full of incredible and miraculous events that kept the church growing and thriving. This week's readings contain several. Make sure you don't miss any of the cool ways God blessed Peter to continue to spread the name of Jesus. Oh, and here's a little ditty (with a spectacular and very 80s music video...seriously, … Continue reading Amy Grant does it again