It’s Okay To Worry

Hi guys. Today I want to give you some encouragement as we are navigating this new normal together, but separately.  This is an emotional and stressful time, but I hope I can help give a little positivity and help turn this upside down world back around again (or at least sideways :).  Let’s call these, … Continue reading It’s Okay To Worry

What Does God See When He Sees You?

I read recently that reading the Bible with little ones is like walking through a room with Legos thrown around – you are bound to step on something sharp every now and then. This week’s reading has at least two of those stories.  Now, I’ve written before that I believe telling children the whole story … Continue reading What Does God See When He Sees You?

Don’t Forget This The Night Before School

Today at Sunday School we will talk about how to get ready for school. It’s fun to get ready for school; buying new clothes, crayons and a backpack. It’s an exciting time, wondering what your new teacher will be like and who will be in your class. It can also be kind of scary. You … Continue reading Don’t Forget This The Night Before School

Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go

Sometimes I’m a little jealous of the way my husband grew up. He went to the same small Christian school from K through 12 and he learned a lot about his faith. At school, he had to commit Bible verses and songs to memory – and he was tested on them, just like in his … Continue reading Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go

The First Six

The preschoolers have spent the last two weeks learning about the Ten Commandments. We are ending our school year learning some important basics of our faith. We've already talked about the Lord's Prayer, Golden Rule and Fruits of the Spirit. Sometimes it could be hard to talk to kids about big stuff. You might wonder what are … Continue reading The First Six

Let’s Dive In

This week we are starting with Luke, our third gospel. You and/or your children might start complaining "but I've already read this...twice". To this I say: a) repetition is good and that's how you learn and b) Luke is different. It was specifically written to present an accurate and complete account of the life of … Continue reading Let’s Dive In

Fruit Of The Spirit’s Not A Coconut

Today in preschool we got a little messy with our craft (fruit stamping) and silly with our new song and game. Some lessons just lend themselves to be extra fun! And it works, there was definitely more “chatter” at pick up than usual. Sometimes to understand things easier it’s really good to use our imagination … Continue reading Fruit Of The Spirit’s Not A Coconut