Change Is Coming

God can not only transform a caterpillar into a butterfly, but more importantly He can transform our lives! This week’s reading has one of the best examples of this. It shows us that anyone, no matter their past, can be changed and serve God.  

God’s amazing love can change the life and heart of anyone; our job is to share that love with others.

Monday February 1, Acts 9:1-9

Today’s Takeaways:

  • This is the beginning of one of the greatest Bible stories – the conversion of Saul.
  • Today Saul encounters Jesus (although he cannot see him) and begins his transformation. For three days he is blind and also fasts.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • What do you remember from about Saul from last week’s reading?
  • Why do you think his transformation needed to start off so radically?

Tuesday February 2, Acts 9:10-19

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Jesus speaks to a disciple named Ananias and tasks him with restoring Saul’s sight (and baptizing him).
  • Saul’s sight and strength are restored and he is filled with the Holy Spirit. Talk about a dramatic transformation!
  • Take the time sometime this week to listen – really listen – to Amazing Grace.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • Let’s talk more about Ananias. What was his initial reaction when asked to heal Saul? Do you think it was “justified”?
  • Ananias was asked to go and heal one of the biggest bullies around! Do you think that is the reaction you would have if God asked you to help an enemy? How does that set God apart from us? (He knows us, sees us, and forgives us. He invites everyone to his table.)

Wednesday February 3, Acts 9:20-31

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Saul immediately began preaching and quickly had a following. However, not everyone trusted him, because of his past. Do you blame them?
  • Saul’s preaching must have been convincing though, because people were willing to protect him and possibly sacrifice their lives in doing so.
  • In Jerusalem, Barnabas took him under his wing and introduced him to the apostles. They learned about his story and commitment and he was able to continue to boldly teach in the name of Jesus.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • Why did people first distrust Saul as a spy and try to kill him and later fear his preaching and try to kill him?
  • Why do you think his story was so threatening?

Thursday February , Acts 9:32-43

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Peter really brings his “A” game! Not only does he heal a man named Aeneas, who was bedridden for 8 years, he also brings a woman back from the dead!
  • Most of us are more familiar with the story of Lazarus, but here is someone brought back to life by a disciple.
  • Both miracles brought many people to Jesus. How could they not?

Today’s Talking Points:

  • How did the disciples treat miracles differently than Jesus did? Often when Jesus performed miracles it was done quietly at the time, and he didn’t want a big fuss. He didn’t want to distract from his message.
  • Here, Peter calls for people to come and see this woman who had been dead, alive again. He’s using miracles to reach more people and bring them to Jesus. What do you think about that?

Friday February 5, Acts 10:1-8

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Even though Cornelius wasn’t a Jew, God knew him, he heard his prayers and he saw his good deeds.
  • This also shows us God has a plan for us. He was preparing Cornelius’ heart and setting up a meeting with one of his favored disciples.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • I will never stop being amazed by the details in the Bible. Often we notice them only when we read the stories over and over again. Notice and think about them in this story: 3 in the afternoon. Simon the tanner. House by the sea. Etc.

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