One Week to Live

This week our readings are in an interesting part of Jesus’ life we often overlook. It’s the last week of his life, but not one of the high stakes, headliner events like his triumphal entry into Jerusalem or his crucifixion. It’s the in between days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. He spent that time in Jerusalem … Continue reading One Week to Live

Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle

This week our planned preschool lesson and our daily Bible readings are centered on Jesus’ miracles. This might become a tricky topic for your children (and for you) to think about as your kids grow older. But our littlest ones usually love these Bible stories because they still have faith the way Jesus calls us … Continue reading Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle

Building a Foundation – One Week at a Time

So I’m sure you probably noticed, but the temperature dropped like 40 degrees overnight this weekend.  Friday afternoon my kids were playing outside in shorts and t-shirts and Saturday morning we walked through light snow flurries on the way into Einstein Bagels. Once I got past my unending confusion over Texas winters, I got to … Continue reading Building a Foundation – One Week at a Time

Sunday School Recap – John the Baptist

Today in Sunday School our nursery and pre-K students are learning about John the Baptist.  Here is what we’re teaching them and some thoughts you can use to reinforce the lesson at home.  It is written in language similar to what we use in class, so you can use words they will recognize and understand. … Continue reading Sunday School Recap – John the Baptist

Where Does the Time Go?

When I was a child, I remember hearing grown ups say that time just kept going faster.  Someone would say “where does the time go?”, while I was bored out of my mind watching grass grow.  Or I’d hear an adult say “is it Christmas already?” And I’m thinking “Already? Already?!?  It’s still like 4 … Continue reading Where Does the Time Go?

Starting With Creation

Our overriding goal for our littlest Mungarians is to build a firm faith foundation that they can build on for the rest of their lives.  We’ve written about attending church and the importance of teaching our children how to pray (more than once).  And another way Munger Kids is working with you to lay that … Continue reading Starting With Creation