I Am A Terrible Room Mom

I am not cutesy or crafty. I am also terrible at small talk and correspondence in general – and yet, I find myself as a two-year-old class room mom. This is not my skillset. I know this may sound funny because, yes, I am a children’s ministry director, but I am normally just the idea … Continue reading I Am A Terrible Room Mom

Why Did You Stop Fighting?

I am over the pandemic. Admittedly, I have had it very easy! My husband and I both still have our jobs and my family is healthy. I cannot (strike that – should not) complain! But I’m over it. The sense I get is that everyone around me, whether you’ve faced significant hardships or not, is … Continue reading Why Did You Stop Fighting?

Don’t Forget This The Night Before School

Today at Sunday School we will talk about how to get ready for school. It’s fun to get ready for school; buying new clothes, crayons and a backpack. It’s an exciting time, wondering what your new teacher will be like and who will be in your class. It can also be kind of scary. You … Continue reading Don’t Forget This The Night Before School

Building On

This Sunday we are reviewing the building blocks of our faith to make sure our preschoolers who are graduating to elementary Sunday school in just a couple weeks understand (on an age-appropriate level) what it means to be a Christian.  So we’ll talk about what it means to follow Jesus, where our Bible stories come … Continue reading Building On

Tongues Of Fire

It's Pentecost Sunday! The day we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the last few months our preschoolers learned all about Lent, Easter Sunday and the days that followed. They also talked about heaven and John's vision of it. Before Jesus left he had promised the disciples that he would not leave them alone. He told … Continue reading Tongues Of Fire

A Busy Day Ahead

Today we will recap the Easter story by using our classroom Resurrection Eggs.  It is activity my family has been doing for a while and since children are great visual learners, we thought it would be fun to depart from our usual lesson format. I wrote more about the resurrection eggs here. We will also … Continue reading A Busy Day Ahead

A preschooler walks into a Sunday School class…

Okay, so I don't actually have any funny punch line for this joke.  So swiftly moving onto what I actually want to talk about. This past Sunday we had 376 children age 3 months to 5th grade join us in nurseries and Sunday school. It was a-mazing! But being in a full, bustling classroom can … Continue reading A preschooler walks into a Sunday School class…

Sharing Is Caring

In our preschool classes we are continuing to talk about the life of Jesus. We started in Advent and will continue all the way through Easter. So we have four whole months dedicated to teaching our little ones about the life of Jesus.  Although that’s a lot of time, it’s still not nearly enough time … Continue reading Sharing Is Caring

Sacrificing Isaac

Genesis is hard! But, honestly, so is marriage, and learning a new skill, and raising a child, and basically everything else that’s important. Genesis is important because it’s the foundation of our faith. It’s where God’s relationship with humanity started and we get to learn what happened. This week is no exception. Honestly, it might … Continue reading Sacrificing Isaac

Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle

This week our planned preschool lesson and our daily Bible readings are centered on Jesus’ miracles. This might become a tricky topic for your children (and for you) to think about as your kids grow older. But our littlest ones usually love these Bible stories because they still have faith the way Jesus calls us … Continue reading Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle