Fruit Of The Spirit’s Not A Coconut

Today in preschool we got a little messy with our craft (fruit stamping) and silly with our new song and game. Some lessons just lend themselves to be extra fun! And it works, there was definitely more “chatter” at pick up than usual. Sometimes to understand things easier it’s really good to use our imagination … Continue reading Fruit Of The Spirit’s Not A Coconut

Tongues Of Fire

It's Pentecost Sunday! The day we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the last few months our preschoolers learned all about Lent, Easter Sunday and the days that followed. They also talked about heaven and John's vision of it. Before Jesus left he had promised the disciples that he would not leave them alone. He told … Continue reading Tongues Of Fire

Sharing Is Caring

In our preschool classes we are continuing to talk about the life of Jesus. We started in Advent and will continue all the way through Easter. So we have four whole months dedicated to teaching our little ones about the life of Jesus.  Although that’s a lot of time, it’s still not nearly enough time … Continue reading Sharing Is Caring