Parenting Together

Have you ever noticed an expression your child is making, or a slightly annoying habit they are exhibiting, only to learn from your spouse that they have definitely learned it from you? It happens to me from time to time. Apparently, I say “oh, dear” in a British accent A LOT!   Of course, we … Continue reading Parenting Together

P.S. I Don’t Want A Chairlift

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And we all enjoy all the trappings that come with the season. Hot chocolate, looking at lights, making cookies, reading books, and of course, giving gifts. Every year, on our birthdays and at Christmas I choose a small gift that my children give their dad or … Continue reading P.S. I Don’t Want A Chairlift

An Obvious Point

Because we are old people, my husband and I sometimes watch part of the 10pm news in bed. A few nights ago, the anchor briefly mentioned a study proving parent’s stress can be passed onto children. My husband made a quick quip about how stressed our girls were going to be if college football got … Continue reading An Obvious Point

Let’s Talk About Grace

If you have school-aged kids – or even younger ones in daycare/preschool – you are well aware that they have been home with you for the last 124 days. That’s four months. A third of a year. But who’s counting? I think my most-used phrases in my household and in conversations with my friends have … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Grace

The Magic Power of Stickers and Sugar

In our family there are no morning people. Except on Saturdays. Every Saturday at 7am, like clockwork, my children start jumping on our bed excited about whatever fun we have planned for that day. Why? Why? Why? But I digress… So anyways, when school started back in August it was rough. Thankfully, our first grader … Continue reading The Magic Power of Stickers and Sugar

A Little Light Reading for the Family

As I read today’s Matthew reading – the Beatitudes – I remembered when I went to Israel. One of our stops was the Mount of Beatitudes, where they believe Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. Our group leader gave a short devotional on the Beatitudes while other groups sang, prayed, and preached in their … Continue reading A Little Light Reading for the Family