Parenting Together

Have you ever noticed an expression your child is making, or a slightly annoying habit they are exhibiting, only to learn from your spouse that they have definitely learned it from you? It happens to me from time to time. Apparently, I say “oh, dear” in a British accent A LOT!   Of course, we … Continue reading Parenting Together

Keeping All That Treasure

The school year may have recently ended (yes, I am in complete denial that summer is halfway over), but in the past week I had three separate conversations with friends about what to do with ALL. THE. STUFF your kids bring home from school, camp and Sunday School. First of all, it’s all precious, of … Continue reading Keeping All That Treasure

The Magic Power of Stickers and Sugar

In our family there are no morning people. Except on Saturdays. Every Saturday at 7am, like clockwork, my children start jumping on our bed excited about whatever fun we have planned for that day. Why? Why? Why? But I digress… So anyways, when school started back in August it was rough. Thankfully, our first grader … Continue reading The Magic Power of Stickers and Sugar