Icing on the Cake

I’ve heard a lot of people say things in the arena of, “well of course I would believe if I had seen Jesus perform miracles.” This week’s readings are full of reasons to believe. Casting out demons. Raising people from the dead. Healing chronic illness. The list goes on. The truth is, the empty tomb … Continue reading Icing on the Cake

So Much Time. So Little To Do

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWJo2EZW8yU As Willy Wonka said, “Strike that. Reverse it.” I know you have so little time and so much to do. Isn’t that the case for everyone? I guarantee the 10 minutes you spend reading Mark excerpts and discussing them using your Mark Family Guide, will be some of the most meaningful minutes in your … Continue reading So Much Time. So Little To Do

This Week’s Matthew Readings

A week ago, we gave out brand new, shiny red Bibles to 57 3rd graders. It was so sweet to watch them flip through the crisp pages. It was even better this Sunday when some of them came back to church carrying their new Bibles with their names written in them. I know their excitement … Continue reading This Week’s Matthew Readings

Sunday School Recap – John the Baptist

Today in Sunday School our nursery and pre-K students are learning about John the Baptist.  Here is what we’re teaching them and some thoughts you can use to reinforce the lesson at home.  It is written in language similar to what we use in class, so you can use words they will recognize and understand. … Continue reading Sunday School Recap – John the Baptist