One Week to Live

This week our readings are in an interesting part of Jesus’ life we often overlook. It’s the last week of his life, but not one of the high stakes, headliner events like his triumphal entry into Jerusalem or his crucifixion. It’s the in between days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. He spent that time in Jerusalem … Continue reading One Week to Live

The Bible – Full of Plot Twists

This is one of those weeks when you can feel something coming – even if you had never read the Bible before or had never even heard whispers of the story, you’d feel something coming. It’s like when that eerie music starts to play during a movie and you know a surprise plot twist is … Continue reading The Bible – Full of Plot Twists

Shrek and the Parables I’m sorry I’m late. I’ve always been a freakishly punctual person. This blog post was supposed to go up Monday, but then my baby threw up on Sunday. This, of course, halted all forward progress in the Pedigo house for at least 48 hours. Hopefully you can forgive me – baby vomit and all. … Continue reading Shrek and the Parables

This Week’s Matthew Readings

A week ago, we gave out brand new, shiny red Bibles to 57 3rd graders. It was so sweet to watch them flip through the crisp pages. It was even better this Sunday when some of them came back to church carrying their new Bibles with their names written in them. I know their excitement … Continue reading This Week’s Matthew Readings

Reading the Bible to a 1-Year-Old and Other Pointless Things

I read the Bible to my 1-year-old. Yes, I read her the cutesy picture book Bible stories where cartoon Noah sings campfire songs with a variety of animal couples, but I also read her our daily gospel readings out of our handy Matthew books. She has yet to share with me her thoughts on the … Continue reading Reading the Bible to a 1-Year-Old and Other Pointless Things

Teaching Your Kids to Read…the Bible

Today would have been my grandfather’s 93rd birthday. He came to faith later in life, and, in his later years, served his church faithfully as an usher, photographer, treasurer, and part of the lawn-care team. He also attended worship and a weekly Bible study where he diligently marked up his Bible. Since I worked at … Continue reading Teaching Your Kids to Read…the Bible

A Little Light Reading for the Family

As I read today’s Matthew reading – the Beatitudes – I remembered when I went to Israel. One of our stops was the Mount of Beatitudes, where they believe Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. Our group leader gave a short devotional on the Beatitudes while other groups sang, prayed, and preached in their … Continue reading A Little Light Reading for the Family

And Now: A Word From Our Pastor

We want your New Year to be better than this guy's! (Click on it. It's worth it.) Hopefully one of your resolutions (or if you're too cool for resolutions - goals) was to read the gospels along with us in 2019! It's far easier than our reading plan the past two years, but will still … Continue reading And Now: A Word From Our Pastor