Stations Of The Cross

Please note that this post is intended for elementary-aged children and may be completed anytime between now and Friday. It will take us through the Stations of the Cross that we would have set up in our church building. It's important to know what all happened in the days leading up to Sunday. It's important … Continue reading Stations Of The Cross

Taking Responsibility

Welcome to Holy Week! Your children have spent Lent learning the story of Holy Week in Sunday school. They have participated in Palm Sunday and watched an Easter play put on by our youth.  They are so excited about Easter!  But there is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday.  This week’s reading isn’t easy, but … Continue reading Taking Responsibility

He is risen!

There’s a reason people who never darken the doors of a church find themselves in a service on Christmas and Easter. They’re the biggest highlights of the Christian year! On Christmas we celebrate Jesus coming to earth to live among us. On Easter we celebrate the fulfillment of all the prophecies, the victory over sin … Continue reading He is risen!