Deep Questions: Toddler Edition I love putting my kids to bed at night. I like praying with them and getting those quiet few minutes to sit, talk (where applicable), and give a few more hugs before they go to sleep. The other night, while rocking, I had a profound experience with my 2.5-year-old, Georgia. Georgia is very much … Continue reading Deep Questions: Toddler Edition

Stations Of The Cross

Please note that this post is intended for elementary-aged children and may be completed anytime between now and Friday. It will take us through the Stations of the Cross that we would have set up in our church building. It's important to know what all happened in the days leading up to Sunday. It's important … Continue reading Stations Of The Cross

It Takes a Village

Today is Mother’s Day.  It’s important to remember that as joyous as today may be for some of us, it can be a day filled with pain and tears for others. And for many of us, it’s both.Preschoolers today will learn that we don’t all have mothers around to care of us, but God gives … Continue reading It Takes a Village