Reunited At Last

I am always amazed when God tells Jacob “I will go (down to Egypt) with you”. Even when we can’t hear God speak these words specifically to us, we need to keep in mind that He is there.  Try to stress this with your kids as you read with them.  Sometimes things seem hopeless.  Sometimes … Continue reading Reunited At Last

Hidden in Plain Sight

This week we continue in Genesis where Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to get more grain. There they encounter their brother who they left for dead... only they don’t know it’s their brother! Wild. In these chapters we see God test the sons of Jacob in unexpected ways, ultimately to ensure their hearts are … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight

With God Everything Is Possible

We are following Munger's Bible reading plan and moving along in the amazing story of Joseph. Now with most of us at home, you really have no excuse for not reading along! As a fun bonus, we are adding a song (a Kate Miner original), coloring pages and couple other activities to make things more … Continue reading With God Everything Is Possible

The Amazing Story Of Joseph Begins

We've discussed before that when reading from Genesis you should read in advance to decide if certain stories are appropriate for your children. This week we have one of these stories - the story of Judah and Tamar.  You may be wondering whether there is anything of value in reading a story like this to … Continue reading The Amazing Story Of Joseph Begins

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?  Our journey with Jacob continues this week! We learn the names of Rachel and Leah’s children, Esau’s descendents and we hear about Jacob’s name change after he wrestles with God. Names in the Bible help us understand the meaning behind different events.  Monday - Genesis 29:31 - 30:43 Key Points: God … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Sacrifice, Deceit, and an Epic Love Story

This week we reach the end of Abraham and Sarah’s story and begin moving through the story of their descendants. This family drama has it all. Sacrifice, deceit, and an epic love story. When reading these stories, there cannot be any doubt that Abraham and Sarah’s family is blessed directly by God and that He … Continue reading Sacrifice, Deceit, and an Epic Love Story

God Does What He Says He Will Do!

This week we see several instances where God does exactly what He says He will - both in giving Abraham and Sarah a son and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. With each story, God reveals something to us about His character and how He interacts with His people - let’s see if we can … Continue reading God Does What He Says He Will Do!

What Does God See When He Sees You?

I read recently that reading the Bible with little ones is like walking through a room with Legos thrown around – you are bound to step on something sharp every now and then. This week’s reading has at least two of those stories.  Now, I’ve written before that I believe telling children the whole story … Continue reading What Does God See When He Sees You?