Why Did You Stop Fighting?

I am over the pandemic. Admittedly, I have had it very easy! My husband and I both still have our jobs and my family is healthy. I cannot (strike that – should not) complain! But I’m over it. The sense I get is that everyone around me, whether you’ve faced significant hardships or not, is … Continue reading Why Did You Stop Fighting?

Become A Banyan Tree

You've heard it before. Everything worth having is worth working for. Just because we are excited about Jesus today, doesn’t mean our faith will last the rest of our lives. Lasting faith requires good soil and strong roots. On our recent vacation my husband insisted we go see a banyan tree. If you are not … Continue reading Become A Banyan Tree

Building On

This Sunday we are reviewing the building blocks of our faith to make sure our preschoolers who are graduating to elementary Sunday school in just a couple weeks understand (on an age-appropriate level) what it means to be a Christian.  So we’ll talk about what it means to follow Jesus, where our Bible stories come … Continue reading Building On

This Week’s Matthew Readings

A week ago, we gave out brand new, shiny red Bibles to 57 3rd graders. It was so sweet to watch them flip through the crisp pages. It was even better this Sunday when some of them came back to church carrying their new Bibles with their names written in them. I know their excitement … Continue reading This Week’s Matthew Readings

Reading the Bible to a 1-Year-Old and Other Pointless Things

I read the Bible to my 1-year-old. Yes, I read her the cutesy picture book Bible stories where cartoon Noah sings campfire songs with a variety of animal couples, but I also read her our daily gospel readings out of our handy Matthew books. She has yet to share with me her thoughts on the … Continue reading Reading the Bible to a 1-Year-Old and Other Pointless Things

A Little Light Reading for the Family

As I read today’s Matthew reading – the Beatitudes – I remembered when I went to Israel. One of our stops was the Mount of Beatitudes, where they believe Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. Our group leader gave a short devotional on the Beatitudes while other groups sang, prayed, and preached in their … Continue reading A Little Light Reading for the Family

Advent – Week 2 – Joy

Week 2 Advent Devotional: Read: Psalm 47 Joy is an incredible thing that often gets confused with other things – happiness, in particular. Let me explain the difference. This Christmas, when you open a present and it’s the toy or game you really wanted, you’ll be really happy! Ask: What are some other things that … Continue reading Advent – Week 2 – Joy

Advent – Week 1 – Hope

Today we begin Advent – the time of preparation and anticipation of the coming of Christ. We’re used to the build up before Christmas, but normally it’s in the form of tracking which stores will soon get a shipment of this year’s “it” toy, negotiating with family on who will bring which dish to Christmas … Continue reading Advent – Week 1 – Hope