Stations Of The Cross

Please note that this post is intended for elementary-aged children and may be completed anytime between now and Friday. It will take us through the Stations of the Cross that we would have set up in our church building. It's important to know what all happened in the days leading up to Sunday. It's important … Continue reading Stations Of The Cross

The Tomb Was Empty

Because we at Munger Kids love encouraging family fun and learning through experiences (e.g. we used our Resurrection Eggs last Sunday during class), we thought we’d offer another easy, hands-on project you can do with your kids to reinforce the Easter story. It’s really easy to make this - even with the youngest preschoolers - … Continue reading The Tomb Was Empty

He is risen!

There’s a reason people who never darken the doors of a church find themselves in a service on Christmas and Easter. They’re the biggest highlights of the Christian year! On Christmas we celebrate Jesus coming to earth to live among us. On Easter we celebrate the fulfillment of all the prophecies, the victory over sin … Continue reading He is risen!

How To Prepare For What’s Coming Next

We’ve always had our kids play a big part in our Palm Sunday services and all ages worship together on Easter Sunday. But do our children actually know why they are waving palm branches on the stage while wearing donkey ears? Do they know why there is a palpable joy in the air on Easter … Continue reading How To Prepare For What’s Coming Next

Sacrificing Some Time for Lent

Lent is the 40 days preceding Easter beginning with Ash Wednesday. In years past, when we used prepackaged curriculum, there was never a focus on Lent. We just kept going with regular lessons, but now that we’ve taken the reigns, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on this important season. Here’s why: Lent is a … Continue reading Sacrificing Some Time for Lent

Where Does the Time Go?

When I was a child, I remember hearing grown ups say that time just kept going faster.  Someone would say “where does the time go?”, while I was bored out of my mind watching grass grow.  Or I’d hear an adult say “is it Christmas already?” And I’m thinking “Already? Already?!?  It’s still like 4 … Continue reading Where Does the Time Go?