Did you forget?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwcYbo7pjto Hey, did you know we have a blog? Apparently, I forgot. Actually, I didn’t forget, but I did let myself get caught up in the chaos of back to school AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! Can we all just absolve each other of the things we failed to do … Continue reading Did you forget?

Why your child is a biblical genius

Because it’s Big Sunday this Sunday, the elementary kids don’t have a lesson, so I’ll give you an overview of what your kids will learn throughout their time in Munger Kids. At the beginning of this school year, Munger Kids launched a whole new curriculum. We weren’t satisfied with the pre-made curriculum we were using, … Continue reading Why your child is a biblical genius

Where Does the Time Go?

When I was a child, I remember hearing grown ups say that time just kept going faster.  Someone would say “where does the time go?”, while I was bored out of my mind watching grass grow.  Or I’d hear an adult say “is it Christmas already?” And I’m thinking “Already? Already?!?  It’s still like 4 … Continue reading Where Does the Time Go?