Why your child is a biblical genius

Because it’s Big Sunday this Sunday, the elementary kids don’t have a lesson, so I’ll give you an overview of what your kids will learn throughout their time in Munger Kids. At the beginning of this school year, Munger Kids launched a whole new curriculum. We weren’t satisfied with the pre-made curriculum we were using, … Continue reading Why your child is a biblical genius

Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle

This week our planned preschool lesson and our daily Bible readings are centered on Jesus’ miracles. This might become a tricky topic for your children (and for you) to think about as your kids grow older. But our littlest ones usually love these Bible stories because they still have faith the way Jesus calls us … Continue reading Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle

Building a Foundation – One Week at a Time

So I’m sure you probably noticed, but the temperature dropped like 40 degrees overnight this weekend.  Friday afternoon my kids were playing outside in shorts and t-shirts and Saturday morning we walked through light snow flurries on the way into Einstein Bagels. Once I got past my unending confusion over Texas winters, I got to … Continue reading Building a Foundation – One Week at a Time

A Little Light Reading for the Family

As I read today’s Matthew reading – the Beatitudes – I remembered when I went to Israel. One of our stops was the Mount of Beatitudes, where they believe Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. Our group leader gave a short devotional on the Beatitudes while other groups sang, prayed, and preached in their … Continue reading A Little Light Reading for the Family

And Now: A Word From Our Pastor

We want your New Year to be better than this guy's! (Click on it. It's worth it.) Hopefully one of your resolutions (or if you're too cool for resolutions - goals) was to read the gospels along with us in 2019! It's far easier than our reading plan the past two years, but will still … Continue reading And Now: A Word From Our Pastor

Advent – Week 2 – Joy

Week 2 Advent Devotional: Read: Psalm 47 Joy is an incredible thing that often gets confused with other things – happiness, in particular. Let me explain the difference. This Christmas, when you open a present and it’s the toy or game you really wanted, you’ll be really happy! Ask: What are some other things that … Continue reading Advent – Week 2 – Joy

Advent – Week 1 – Hope

Today we begin Advent – the time of preparation and anticipation of the coming of Christ. We’re used to the build up before Christmas, but normally it’s in the form of tracking which stores will soon get a shipment of this year’s “it” toy, negotiating with family on who will bring which dish to Christmas … Continue reading Advent – Week 1 – Hope