Advent – Week 4 – Love

Read: 1 Corinthians 13 (Remember, you’ve heard this at every wedding you’ve ever been to, but your kids haven’t.) Ask: What are some things you love? We love a lot of things! I love ____(insert your favorite food)____ and I love ____(insert your favorite vacation destination)____ and I love you! Ask: Do you think I … Continue reading Advent – Week 4 – Love

Advent – Week 3 – Peace

Read Philippians 4:4-9 Peace is a word that has a lot of meanings because it can be spelled in different ways and mean different things. The peace we’re talking about is not like a piece of pie – even though that’s great. But this kind of peace is so much better. Ask: What is the … Continue reading Advent – Week 3 – Peace

Advent – Week 2 – Joy

Week 2 Advent Devotional: Read: Psalm 47 Joy is an incredible thing that often gets confused with other things – happiness, in particular. Let me explain the difference. This Christmas, when you open a present and it’s the toy or game you really wanted, you’ll be really happy! Ask: What are some other things that … Continue reading Advent – Week 2 – Joy

Advent – Week 1 – Hope

Today we begin Advent – the time of preparation and anticipation of the coming of Christ. We’re used to the build up before Christmas, but normally it’s in the form of tracking which stores will soon get a shipment of this year’s “it” toy, negotiating with family on who will bring which dish to Christmas … Continue reading Advent – Week 1 – Hope

Advent – What it is…and What it is not

When my older sister was a baby, my mom DIYed a cute Advent calendar where there were little charms to hang from nails on a Christmas tree each day of December. It culminated in hanging a small plastic baby Jesus in a manger on the top nail. Every year my sister and I fought over … Continue reading Advent – What it is…and What it is not