Southwestern Bell Got it Right We talk often, as a staff, about what we do as a church – I don’t mean our menu of programming, but more, who we are and what we’re about. Here’s what we’ve decided: What we do: Read the Bible. Pray. Connect people together. I don’t know about you, but the third one is … Continue reading Southwestern Bell Got it Right

Laugh, Cry, Scream, Whatever!

One of the main things my friends make fun of me for is my lack of visible emotion. We didn’t express our emotions in our home when I was growing up so it doesn’t come super naturally for me. I think that’s why I love the Psalms so much. They help me feel…or at least … Continue reading Laugh, Cry, Scream, Whatever!

Do You Have a Favorite Bible Verse?

Happy Thursday, Munger Kids Families! It took very little thought for me to realize no one needs my opinion on anything(though I am always happy to give it!). So, today I thought I would tell you about a bible verse that God reminds me of over and over.  Do you have a favorite bible verse? … Continue reading Do You Have a Favorite Bible Verse?