Is Your Faith Alive at Home?

A few thoughts before we begin: The picture above has a mom and her kids because finding a picture the correct size for this blog format is TRICKY- but, DADS, you are so important! You set such a powerful example in your homes!Amanda touched on this last week and I hope this gives you some … Continue reading Is Your Faith Alive at Home?

Summer Camp at Home

It’s summertime if you couldn’t tell and even though I find myself some years removed from going to camp, I am still singing camp chants in my head throughout the day. Something about being dripping hot and drinking a full Nalgene bottle of water before 8 a.m. brings me back.  While I know summer plans … Continue reading Summer Camp at Home

ABCs of Scripture

Hello, Munger Kids! Last time I talked(okay, wrote) to you I shared my favorite Bible verse and the importance of memorizing scripture!  Keeping with that same theme, I wanted to share a neat resource for memorizing scripture. It’s originally from Watermark Church and it's called ABC Memory Verses!  Click here for the link!  Wouldn’t it … Continue reading ABCs of Scripture

Do You Have a Favorite Bible Verse?

Happy Thursday, Munger Kids Families! It took very little thought for me to realize no one needs my opinion on anything(though I am always happy to give it!). So, today I thought I would tell you about a bible verse that God reminds me of over and over.  Do you have a favorite bible verse? … Continue reading Do You Have a Favorite Bible Verse?