A Dollywood Friendship

I’ve been extremely absent from the blog and I’m sorry about that. Two weeks ago, we had VBS. Then I preached three times on the Sunday following, and left on a family vacation on Monday morning. Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Cathy’s post yesterday got me thinking, though. She is … Continue reading A Dollywood Friendship

It Takes a Village

Today is Mother’s Day.  It’s important to remember that as joyous as today may be for some of us, it can be a day filled with pain and tears for others. And for many of us, it’s both.Preschoolers today will learn that we don’t all have mothers around to care of us, but God gives … Continue reading It Takes a Village

Guest Post: Message For Valentine’s Day

A number of times over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege of getting to talk with our new mom’s groups about marriage. The funny thing is, the class is rarely held in the same room within the church.  So inevitably, I have to ask someone, “Where is the new mom’s class … Continue reading Guest Post: Message For Valentine’s Day

Your Least Favorite Topic, But Read it Anyway

I recently had an interesting experience – I was chosen to sit on a jury. I’ve been called for jury duty many times – I might even say, more than my fair share. I’ve experienced voir dire questioning a number of times, so I didn’t think anything of it when I, along with 76 of … Continue reading Your Least Favorite Topic, But Read it Anyway

Great Expectations

It doesn’t happen often, but you know how every once in a while someone gives you some simple, practical advice that hits you like a lightning bolt?  Like a little nugget of gold that seems like it might change your life? Well that happened to me last Friday night and I’m really excited to share … Continue reading Great Expectations

Why do we do Big Sunday?

“I get major anxiety when thinking about bringing my kids to service.” “We are already thinking about what we’re going to do when our kid gets to kindergarten.” Big Sunday is not a modern day torture device. And these thoughts aren’t the predominant view on Big Sunday, but considering that both are quotes from people … Continue reading Why do we do Big Sunday?