Jesus Taught Me to Water Ski

Every summer growing up, we would meet my extended family at Lake Greeson for a camping trip. My greatest childhood memories come from those weeks of hiking, water skiing, exploring, and relaxing in the Ozarks. When I was 8 or 9 years old, my uncle decided it was time for me to learn to ski … Continue reading Jesus Taught Me to Water Ski

Keeping All That Treasure

The school year may have recently ended (yes, I am in complete denial that summer is halfway over), but in the past week I had three separate conversations with friends about what to do with ALL. THE. STUFF your kids bring home from school, camp and Sunday School. First of all, it’s all precious, of … Continue reading Keeping All That Treasure

Summer, Summer, Summertime

School’s Out for Summer! School’s Out Forever!  When we roll out of the last pick up of the year blasting Alice Cooper and screaming our lungs out, I know for sure that summer is officially here!!!  And I love, love, love that we’ve moved Munger VBS to the beginning of summer this year.  So we’ll … Continue reading Summer, Summer, Summertime

The Most Joyous Time Of Year

Today we have a guest post by Kellee Shoemaker, who has been part of Munger VBS for 6 years. She shares with us why she keeps coming back and one invaluable pro tip. Munger VBS is one of the highlights of the year for my family!  We look forward to participating every year, and my … Continue reading The Most Joyous Time Of Year

Daily Bible Reading…A Personal Experience

This Friday we start reading the Mark Gospel. This is the perfect time to either continue what you have been doing with Matthew or jump in and join us for the first time. If you haven't picked up our booklets on Easter Sunday, please get your Mark and Mark Family Guide this Sunday at church. … Continue reading Daily Bible Reading…A Personal Experience

The Tomb Was Empty

Because we at Munger Kids love encouraging family fun and learning through experiences (e.g. we used our Resurrection Eggs last Sunday during class), we thought we’d offer another easy, hands-on project you can do with your kids to reinforce the Easter story. It’s really easy to make this - even with the youngest preschoolers - … Continue reading The Tomb Was Empty

A preschooler walks into a Sunday School class…

Okay, so I don't actually have any funny punch line for this joke.  So swiftly moving onto what I actually want to talk about. This past Sunday we had 376 children age 3 months to 5th grade join us in nurseries and Sunday school. It was a-mazing! But being in a full, bustling classroom can … Continue reading A preschooler walks into a Sunday School class…