Summer Camp at Home

It’s summertime if you couldn’t tell and even though I find myself some years removed from going to camp, I am still singing camp chants in my head throughout the day. Something about being dripping hot and drinking a full Nalgene bottle of water before 8 a.m. brings me back.  While I know summer plans … Continue reading Summer Camp at Home

Looking Back on the Things I’ve Done…

Many of these Psalms focus on David reflecting on his life. Even when hard and discouraging events come, we can trust that God will be faithful again! There is great benefit when we take time to see how God has worked in our life.  May 18 - Psalm 36 Today’s Takeaways: Part of this Psalm … Continue reading Looking Back on the Things I’ve Done…

ABCs of Scripture

Hello, Munger Kids! Last time I talked(okay, wrote) to you I shared my favorite Bible verse and the importance of memorizing scripture!  Keeping with that same theme, I wanted to share a neat resource for memorizing scripture. It’s originally from Watermark Church and it's called ABC Memory Verses!  Click here for the link!  Wouldn’t it … Continue reading ABCs of Scripture

Do You Have a Favorite Bible Verse?

Happy Thursday, Munger Kids Families! It took very little thought for me to realize no one needs my opinion on anything(though I am always happy to give it!). So, today I thought I would tell you about a bible verse that God reminds me of over and over.  Do you have a favorite bible verse? … Continue reading Do You Have a Favorite Bible Verse?

Hidden in Plain Sight

This week we continue in Genesis where Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to get more grain. There they encounter their brother who they left for dead... only they don’t know it’s their brother! Wild. In these chapters we see God test the sons of Jacob in unexpected ways, ultimately to ensure their hearts are … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight