A Man on a Mission

Fabric sukkah decorated with printed pattern and Hebrew text of blessing: Grant peace everywhere goodness and blessing, Grace, lovingkindness and mercy to us and unto all Israel, Your people. This week, the story of Nehemiah builds up to the Festival of Tabernacles! This story ends in celebration for what God has done.  We see Nehemiah … Continue reading A Man on a Mission

Do You Have a Carpool “Sign Off?”

In light of a global pandemic, this may seem trivial; but, hey, we need life to be a little trivial sometimes!  Last week, my daughter participated in dance camp, which was our first activity in approximately 100390343 days. It felt SO refreshing to have a little rhythm to our days. Partially my own fault and … Continue reading Do You Have a Carpool “Sign Off?”

Is Your Faith Alive at Home?

A few thoughts before we begin: The picture above has a mom and her kids because finding a picture the correct size for this blog format is TRICKY- but, DADS, you are so important! You set such a powerful example in your homes!Amanda touched on this last week and I hope this gives you some … Continue reading Is Your Faith Alive at Home?