Whatever Floats Your Boat

This week we read more about Paul traveling(by boat) to different places to encourage the local church. And then we end the week with his last stop in Jerusalem. Paul understood the urgency and importance of telling people how to live a life that honored God.  Monday, March 8: Acts 19:21-41 Key Points: Paul was … Continue reading Whatever Floats Your Boat

What is Love!?

photo source: lehighvalleylive.com Another week, another chance for me to write to you about random thoughts in my head. With Valentine’s Day approaching I wanted to share a few ideas for the holiday that we will be using in our house! Valentine’s hearts - we cut out paper hearts and write positive qualities of our … Continue reading What is Love!?

The Gift of The Holy Spirit

It was just Christmastime, so we are very familiar with what it means to give and receive gifts! This week we get to read about how God gives us the Holy Spirit. After Jesus ascended into heaven, God gave the disciples the Holy Spirit. We get access to the Holy Spirit anytime we want - … Continue reading The Gift of The Holy Spirit

The Creator’s Symphony!

I loved reading through our Advent scripture this week and seeing how God weaves together the smallest details to make a significant impact for His kingdom - much like a symphony. I pray this week that God stirs your heart with excitement and anticipation for the birth of our Savior!  Monday, December 14 – Day … Continue reading The Creator’s Symphony!

Christmas Playlist(and a bonus idea)

So, I am clearly in a celebratory mood over here. My last post was about birthdays, and now we are moving on to Christmas! I wish I could write to you about all the enriching activities I lead for my children around the holidays, but I can barely get the laundry off of the laundry … Continue reading Christmas Playlist(and a bonus idea)

Dragons and Beasts and Bears, Oh MY!

Okay, so no bears, but dragons and beasts. This week we get a crash course in Satan, the Antichrist and false prophets. We want to be ready when God comes back! This week is convicting - is Jesus really real to us in our daily lives? Monday, November 2 - Revelation 11:1-14 Key Points: The … Continue reading Dragons and Beasts and Bears, Oh MY!