Good Music Is Hard to Come By

I get frustrated with a lot of Contemporary Christian Music. I honestly shouldn’t criticize because, well…could I do any better? But, truly, I’m not criticizing the talent of the writers / performers. I’m criticizing the thought behind the songs. Often they just repeat the same 3-5 words over and over and those words don’t seem to mean anything. Either that or the song tells a long rambling story that reminds me of a scene in “Pets Life 2” (which I do recommend) where Duke says to Max, “that seems oddly specific to you”.

So, in order to not throw out a problem without offering a solution, I give you: Keith and Kristyn Getty. They are Irish (coincidentally), modern hymn writers. Probably their most famous hymn is “In Christ Alone”, which is outstanding. My personal favorite is “Holy Spirit Living Breath of God” – yes, it’s quite a title, but it’s good enough to have earned a long title. Kate sang it at my wedding and I’ll remember it always.

I hope these songs bless you today. They have me.

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