Whatever Floats Your Boat

This week we read more about Paul traveling(by boat) to different places to encourage the local church. And then we end the week with his last stop in Jerusalem. Paul understood the urgency and importance of telling people how to live a life that honored God. 

Monday, March 8: Acts 19:21-41

Key Points:

  • Paul was not directly telling people to stop worshipping the goddess of Artemis; instead, he was telling people about the good news of Jesus. When we follow Jesus, our interests and beliefs align with His. It can look different from our friends/neighbors/family. 

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • I love the friendship between Paul, Timothy and Erastus. They helped Paul spread the good news about Jesus. Do you have a friend who helps you tell people about Jesus?

Tuesday, March 9: Acts 20:1-16

Key Points:

  • Paul preached for so long(probably six hours) that a man fell out a window! He felt a sense of urgency to preach to them because he knew he was leaving the next day and would not see these people again. 

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • Can you imagine a world without Facetime or email – no way to know when you are going to see a person again! What would you want to tell people about before you left them for maybe the last time?

Wednesday, March 10: Acts 20:17-36

Key Points:

  • Most of the time in Acts we see Paul as an evangelist but not a preacher. These verses are one of the few recorded sermons from Paul. 

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • Paul says, “you know how I lived the whole time I was with you” (vs 18-19). He goes on to say that he lived with great humility. Even though he was a respected teacher of the church, he lived and served. How would people say you lived? 

Thursday, March 11: Acts 21:1-16

Key Points:

  • Agabus accurately prophesied what was going to happen to Paul in Jerusalem(his eventual death), but he then pleaded with Paul not to go. He mixed God’s message and his judgement together, which is not always the truth.  

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • Paul isn’t saying that he is suffering for God, but he is suffering because it is God’s will. Ultimately, God directs our steps and we have to be obedient.  

Friday, March 12: Acts 21:17-26

Key Points:

  • The leaders of the church in Jerusalem ask Paul to participate in a ritual with these four men to prove that the teachings of Jesus don’t go against Jewish law. Paul agreed to participate because these rituals themselves were not destructive, but they also did not lead to salvation. 

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • There are many things we do in the church(rituals) to help us grow closer to Jesus. Can you think of some activities/events/holidays that help you grow your faith? 

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