Talking to Your Kids About the Capitol Breech

How did you feel Wednesday when you saw unauthorized people breeching the formerly safe confines of the U.S. Capitol building? I felt a strange, uncomfortable vulnerability. I don’t normally feel like that – mostly because I’m a grown up and can control, to a large degree, my surroundings.

My kids were pretty much unscathed by the events of the day because they are 3 and almost 1. They don’t know what Washington D.C., the Senate, or political parties are. They only know that they feel safe when they’re strapped into their car seats, or held by their mom or dad, or snuggled in their beds.

But some of you have older kids. How did they feel? Have they had questions?

In my parent email I encouraged all of you to remind your kids of three things:

  1. They are safe and secure in your family – when kids feel unstable they need to be reminded of what is solid. With my three-year-old I always hold her tight and say over and over again, “You’re safe, safe, safe.” Even though it feels unrelated, remind your kids that mom and dad love each other and them very much.
  2. We can rely on Jesus when things are scary and uncertain – We know, and need to remind our kids, that Christ is the solid rock we stand on. Here are a couple of verses you can read together. John 16:33, Matthew 7:24-27, Psalm 46:1-3
  3. They can always come to you with questions or fears – Almost everything your child does is to figure out the world they live in. Depending on their age they are either discovering things for the first time or testing their theories. They need to know you are willing and eager to help them through that process.

These are truly weird times and through it all our number one job is to show these kids a God who loves, protects, and wants them.

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