The Gift of The Holy Spirit

It was just Christmastime, so we are very familiar with what it means to give and receive gifts! This week we get to read about how God gives us the Holy Spirit. After Jesus ascended into heaven, God gave the disciples the Holy Spirit. We get access to the Holy Spirit anytime we want – how amazing is that? 

Monday, January 4 – Acts 1:6-11

Key Points

  • Jesus has spent 40 days resurrected on earth and is ascending back to heaven.
  • Jesus says we will be his witnesses when we receive the Holy Spirit. Meaning we can’t tell other people about Jesus until we have the Holy Spirit living in us. 

Today’s Takeaways

  • The disciples ask Jesus when he is going to “restore the kingdom”. Just like the disciples, I want to know all the details of God’s plan ahead of time. What is a plan or question you can surrender to God today? 

Tuesday, January 5 – Acts 1:12-14

Key Points:

  • In verse 4, Jesus tells the disciples to return to Jerusalem and that’s exactly what they did. They were obedient. 
  • The resurrection of Jesus brought unity between the disciples, Mary and Jesus’s brothers (“in one accord”). Prior to Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

Today’s Takeaways

  • The death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus UNITES people! Who is a person or group of people you can pray for unity with?

Wednesday, January 6 – Acts 1:15-26

Key Points

  • Peter is taking a role of leadership in the group when suggesting a replacement for Judas. That doesn’t mean Peter was perfect – but he did step up. 
  • Whoever replaced Judas needed to be someone who had seen Jesus’ earthly ministry before and after the resurrection. 

Today’s Takeaways

  • Being a disciple means we are to tell about Jesus’ resurrection! What a crazy plan God had to use ordinary people to tell other people about Him – from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Who can you tell about Jesus today?

Thursday, January 7 – Acts 2:1-13

Key Points:

  • Pentecost was a Jewish feast held 50 days after Passover. This was also 10 days after Jesus ascended back to heaven. 
  • In response to being filled with the Holy Spirit they began speaking in tongues.We don’t fully understand the reason for this and it can sound kind of confusing since we weren’t there. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • After Jesus’ ascension, His followers(us), must be filled with the Holy Spirit so we can share God’s love. The Holy Spirit came to them in this passage like a “mighty gust of wind.” God can come to us like that. Would you ask God to reveal His Holy Spirit to you today? If we ask God and slow down enough to see it, I know God will answer that prayer! 

Friday, January 8 – Acts 2:14-41

Key Points

  • In the middle of people speaking in tongues, Peter is giving a Bible study. He quotes Joel 2 and Psalm 16. 
  • The book of Joel mainly talks about judgement, but he still talks about the promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out. 

Today’s Takeaways

  • After Peter’s sermon, the disciples said they were  “cut to the heart” (vs 37). The Holy Spirit convicts us in a way that makes us feel the same. Has God ever convicted you or made you really think about something to the point you couldn’t get it out of your head?

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