For Unto Us…

Starting tomorrow, we get into Isaiah’s beautiful prophecies about the coming Savior – the Messiah. I love reading these prophecies each Advent because it’s so clear how they were fulfilled. I know they weren’t written for me originally, but they feel like a perfect gift from God saying, “Yes, I know what I’m doing.” You see, Isaiah wrote these prophecies 400 years before Jesus was born. Our country hasn’t even existed for 400 years, so this measure of time is beyond our understanding. But to God, it’s a blip. He knew how he was going to save us long before he did it.

I don’t know what it does for you, but it sure gives me hope, in a ridiculous world, that God still has a plan and it’s far bigger than I can understand…but I’ll keep looking for those little hints. “For unto us…”

December 7: Genesis 22:15-18

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Clearly there is a connection between Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son and God’s willingness to sacrifice his own. But God stopped Abraham short.
  • Because of Abraham’s obedience, God promises to bless Abraham and his family abundantly.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • What is an area of your life where God is calling you to be obedient?

December 8: Isaiah 9:2; 6-7

Today’s Takeaways:

  • This is probably the most recognizable prophecy of the coming of Christ.
  • This prophecy reminds us that the Messiah will come from the line of David, which Jesus does.

Today’s Talking Topic:

December 9: Isaiah 11:1-9

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Jesse was David’s father so this is confirmation that the Messiah would come from David’s family.
  • This prophecy explains all the radical things Jesus will be able to do and makes it clear that the Messiah will come as a child.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • What is the most impressive thing in this prophecy that the Messiah will be able to do?

December 10: Isaiah 60:1-6

Today’s Takeaways:

  • This prophecy explains the full glory that will be brought to Israel through the Messiah.
  • The wisemen bring Jesus gold and frankincense. This was not a coincidence.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • Why do you think God provided all these prophecies about Jesus hundreds of years before he was born?

December 11: Isaiah 40:3-5

Today’s Takeaways:

  • John the Baptist repeated these words, hundreds of years later, when talking about Jesus.
  • This prophecy asks for all obstacles to be removed for the coming of the Lord.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • What obstacles, in our world today, might make it difficult for Jesus to rule in our hearts?  

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