Christmas Playlist(and a bonus idea)

So, I am clearly in a celebratory mood over here. My last post was about birthdays, and now we are moving on to Christmas! I wish I could write to you about all the enriching activities I lead for my children around the holidays, but I can barely get the laundry off of the laundry chair(does anyone else have a laundry chair?).

Alas, I have two items to spread some cheer at your house!

First up, a Christmas playlist. One of our old friends makes this every year and it is always so fun and festive! (I can’t totally tell if this link is working, but if you have Spotify, it’s called “Wodie’s Christmas – MegaList – DO NOT SHUFFLE”)

Next up, an advent devotional we have been enjoying! And it comes with cute little ornaments cards you can hang on your tree. If you just get through the Bible verse with your littles, that is a win! And don’t be afraid to mix up the time of day you read it. Mid-afternoon is GREAT(as is breakfast and bedtime and ANYTIME).


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