I Am A Terrible Room Mom

I am not cutesy or crafty. I am also terrible at small talk and correspondence in general – and yet, I find myself as a two-year-old class room mom. This is not my skillset.

I know this may sound funny because, yes, I am a children’s ministry director, but I am normally just the idea person – not the pizzazz or execution person. I have a great team surrounding me.

Let me set the scene: November 18 was my daughter’s last day of “school” before Thanksgiving, so on November 17 at about 4pm I realized I should probably do something fun for the class. Oops. Thank you Target for having one tiny end-cap of Thanksgiving items (Thanksgiving truly gets the raw end of the deal). So, I grabbed a couple of packs of turkey headbands. Thankfully two-year-olds don’t find it odd to sit around in turkey hats while eating their lunch. When the teacher called me and asked if it was ok to decorate them in class or did I want the kids to wait until they got home to do it, all I could think was, “Decorate? You’re supposed to decorate them?” Thankfully I put on my peppiest room mom voice and said, “Of course! Do whatever works! I just want the kids to have fun!”

Here’s why I am confessing my serious ineptitude to you. I know I am not the ideal candidate for preschool room mom. In fact, I might be the worst candidate ever. However, I want to be present in my daughters’ lives. I want to know the people who have influence in their lives (i.e. teachers, friends, friends’ parents, etc.). So I’m a room mom.

You may have, at one time or another, considered being…I don’t know…let’s say…for random example…a Sunday school teacher and thought, “Nope. Not my gift.” Might I encourage you, when the Rona settles down a little, to give it a shot? Who knows? You might have a turkey headband half-court shot up your sleeve too. Because, I don’t mean to brag but, when I pulled up to pick up Georgia, every last one of those two-year-olds was proudly wearing a decorated turkey headband.

Room mom mic drop.

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