Tree of Gratitude

This year perhaps more than any other it is important to remember the things that we are thankful for. In the past 10 months each of us has said at some point or other, “I just can’t wait for 2020 to be over.” As if there will be some magical restart. (Spoiler alert: there won’t be.) I am first to admit to thinking that way.

Now we’re reaching the time of the year when families and friends sit together around a table and discuss what they are thankful for that year. Of course, we do the same. However, I strongly feel that this Thanksgiving it’s especially important that gratitude be the center piece of our dinners, not just a side dish.

So here is a little family project I came across recently that is perfect for all ages. It’s called a Tree of Gratitude and you can get started right away. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tree branches
  • Mason jar / container and something to fill it with
  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • String
  • Paint

The first step is to find a few small branches.  Ideally this would be done on a family walk (two activities, score!) but you could also just find some in your backyard. You can paint them for a more festive look.

Next, fill your mason jar with something to help with stability. We’ve collected a bunch of acorns for this (and we might paint them as well). Now just stick the branches in the jar. See easy.

Cut out leaf shapes from construction paper, poke a hole through the top and string a loop through that you’ll use to hang on the branches. Keep these paper leaves and a marker somewhere where your family passes by every day.

Anytime you think of something you’re grateful for, grab a leaf, write it down, and hang the leaf on the “tree”. Little ones can draw a picture instead of writing.

On Thanksgiving Day, the idea is this tree will serve as your centerpiece – in every sense of the word. I hope it sparks great conversations around the table, because no matter what this year has thrown at us, we can give thanks to God because He is good. So let’s remember all the things along the way, big or small, that we are grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Munger!

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