Birthday Traditions

We have two birthdays in our house next week(pray for me) which has me thinking about all the fun routines I want to establish with our kids! When they come home from college, I want them to think…”this is what our family does on birthdays!”

Here are a few ways me(or some of my friends!) celebrate:

  • Eat a birthday breakfast of donuts(in our house) with balloons tied to your chair.
  • Make a happy birthday sign – have parents and siblings write what they love about their sibling on it!
  • Write an acrostic using their names and special adjectives. A – Awesome N – Nice….you get the idea.
  • Share memories or a compliment about that person. One of my friends in college made everyone go around the table and say what they loved about the birthday person. 
  • Open one present in the morning. We usually gift our kids an article of clothing that they need anyway and it’s fun to wear it that day. 

Let us know if you have any fun ideas in your house! I am always looking for meaningful ideas!

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