She Won’t Even Remember!

This Sunday, my younger daughter, Meg, is getting baptized. Family is flying in – which she won’t remember. We’re making an elaborate brunch – which she won’t remember. My mom made her a beautiful gown – which she won’t remember.

So why are we doing this?

Because the moment of her baptism, though she won’t remember it, matters. I truly and firmly believe that baptism is a beautiful and powerful gift from God. We cannot earn or deserve it. It is a gift freely given simply because God loves us and wants to be in relationship with us.

Meg is our daughter, but she is, even more so, a child of God. In the moment of Meg’s baptism, she will receive God’s grace in a powerful way. I believe that she still has to make a decision for Christ in order to receive salvation, but that’s where we, her parents and church family come in. Meg won’t remember the moment of her baptism, but we will! That’s why we make it a big deal! We make the moment an occasion because it matters. The start of anything special matters but how much more the receiving of God’s grace?

So, this Sunday, at 11am, our family will stand together and promise to raise this incredible little girl in the faith. We will tell her about the grace she’s received and will point her in the way of salvation. We will pray for and with her, read the Bible to her, and remind her whose she is. And, no less important, any of you who are there at the service with us, will promise to do the same.

Don’t miss that point.

We, as a church, each time a child or believer is baptized, promise to help guide and support them in the faith. How are you fulfilling those vows?  

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