The Pressure Of Traditions

Today is my daughter’s sixth birthday. As most parents feel on days like these, I am not sure how we got here. Wasn’t she JUST born? I remember some of the first days so vividly. And so many days since then.

I love traditions, maybe because I didn’t have any growing up. And it is so fun to think of new ones or carry on some from our extended families.

As a new parent, maybe you have gone overboard with trying to establish new traditions (who am I to judge :), but as years go by you and your children organically pick and choose those that are here to stay for the long haul.

In our family the night before we take a video asking our kids what was the best thing about being (in our case)  five and what they are most looking forward to when they are six. And then we read It’s Your Birthday Little Pookie, by Laura Boynton. On their actual birthday you get officially measured to see how much you have grown and pick your dinner (apparently this year we are serving marshmallow pizza). Kids are excited every year to make their mark on the measuring stick and we cringe and rejoice at the same time to see the little black marks creeping up towards the ones marking mine and my husband’s marks.

Then there is one more tradition the kids don’t know about. Both me and my husband write them a one-page letter that we intend to give them on their 18th birthday. I cry every time I write mine. It’s filled with reflection and encouragement and it is the best reminder to be thankful for every day together.

Trust me, there were way more traditions we have started off with. But only the ones that were right for our family and not-surprisingly those that require pretty much zero prep, are the ones that have lasted for 9 years. I cannot wait to read Little Pookie to my 17 year old one day 🙂

What are some your favorite family’s traditions?

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