My One Practical Hobby

Cooking is my only practical hobby. My other hobbies include learning everything I can about the medical field, finding every patch of poison ivy in the DFW metroplex and apparently rolling in it, and formerly running – since children that has turned into pushing a double-stroller while walking two dogs on a double-leash. While impressive to watch, I wouldn’t call it a “hobby”.

And I could make this post really holy by talking about how Jesus is the bread of life, which he is. But, honestly, for today, the holiness of this post is going to come in the fact that I love you and your families and want to practically bless you.

Anyway, I figured today, I would use my one practical hobby to help you out a little. I know in my current state, cooking can be a challenge, but I love it, so I make it happen. I’m guessing some of you are the same. So here are some manageable recipes that I’ve found to be rather tasty. Because, let’s be honest, steamed veggies are healthy and easy to manage, but they are boooo-ring!

Having a dinner party? And by that I mean, inviting your neighbors over at the last minute. Try this grilled marinated flank steak. It tastes luxurious, is super simple, and I guarantee people will ask you for the recipe. I shared it, you should too.

No time in the evening to cook? Drag the old crockpot out and dust it off. This barbacoa recipe got rave reviews at my house. It tastes like really good brisket tacos. We topped it with cilantro, pickled onions, and queso fresco. Hard to beat.

And finally, this is the recipe that requires very few ingredients, can be thrown together quickly, and will please anyone except those few crazies who don’t like garlic. I do not understand those people. So, enjoy these Greek garlic chicken thighs.

So, next time you need dinner, or need to make yet another grocery list for the week, look no further. Enjoy!

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