Which Bible Should I Get For My Kid?

We have a one week break from our Munger Bible reading plan. We just finished Nehemiah on Friday and we start Revelation a week from today. I thought I’d take a little latitude this week and not give my usual brilliant insights into Scripture (like I said…latitude) but share with you my thoughts on what Bible you might want for the little Bible readers in your house.

Infants / Toddlers / All Pre-Readers

For some of us, it will be quite a while before our kids will be reading independently, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be quite biblically literate when that time comes. As I’ve said before, my favorite Bible for this age is The Jesus Storybook Bible. It chooses the highlights of Scripture, turns them into short stories, adds beautiful, engaging artwork, and makes sure to show how every story points back to salvation offered to us by Jesus. It’s awesome! Our children’s ministry gives them out to babies born into Munger, but if you didn’t get one, let us know, or grab one yourself. You will not regret this decision!

New Readers

I really love the NIV Adventure Bible for new readers. The New International Version is one I’ve used for a long time personally because I love the accessible language while still being a true word-for-word translation from the original language. And while that probably doesn’t matter to your new readers right now, they will love the fun cover, neat informational snippets dropped in, and engaging graphics.

These two Bibles can easily get you through 5th grade. Confirmation, in 6th grade, is a great time to get your child a new Bible. A nice, leather-bound, inscribed Bible is a really special gift to give either as a Confirmation present or even as a graduation gift. If you’re going for a Confirmation present, I’d suggest that NIV Teen Study Bible. If you’re going for a graduation gift, I’d vote for the ESV Study Bible. (The ESV has slightly loftier language, but your graduate can handle it!)

If you ever have questions or want more suggestions, let me know!

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