Your Heart Might Explode

I realized I don’t read to Meg (my younger daughter) nearly as much as I did to Georgia when she was a baby. I feel certain I will be able to fill in the blank of “read” with a number of other helpful, developmental, and sentimental actions. I now know why I, a youngest child, am quite adaptable.

All that being said, while Georgia was playing the other day, I decided to read to Meg from The Jesus Storybook Bible. (If you have little kids and don’t have one – get one. If you can’t get one, let me know and we’ll give you one.) I started with the story of creation. Georgia was intrigued and likes to take things away from Meg, so she walked over and started flipping the pages so she could choose the story. She chose “the fish story” – Jonah.

Like most stories, Jonah has some disturbing parts, but I decided to power through and take the chance that she might ask me something difficult. To my surprise, she didn’t. She just started asking questions that would only occur to a 2-year-old:

“Did it smell (inside the fish)?”

“Did he (the fish) spit him out?”

And then came pure gold.

“Does God live in our heart?”

She wasn’t asking this out of the blue. We had talked about it before and synapses are starting to form and truth is starting to sink in!

And while trying to play it cool and not boohoo like a blubbering idiot, I just said, “Yes, baby girl, he does.”

I hope you have a moment like this very soon. But be prepared because your heart just my explode.

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