Looking For Gratefulness

So the other day my kids were moping around the house with nothing to do, play or talk about. Apparently we live in a bare cage, have nothing interesting and don’t know anyone. You know, the usual. 

And I was getting tired of reminding them just how lucky they are and how grateful they should be. I wanted them to see it for themselves. 

So I sent them on a gratitude scavenger hunt. It’s a simple idea that requires no prep or organization. I didn’t come up with it – I definitely read about it at some point, somewhere, a while back. But luckily it popped into my head right when I needed it – thank you, Jesus!

Sometimes we can tell our children something a million times, and it goes in one ear and out the other. But if they go and find out for themselves, it might actually stick. 

The idea is simple, kids just need paper and colored pencils (older kids can use a phone or a camera) and you give them a preset time limit. (E.g. how long does it take to prepare dinner? 30 minutes?) Okay, so you give them a 30-minute timer (because competitiveness runs in their veins) and send them on a mission to find as many things they are thankful for as possible and to fill the page. You just might be surprised what they see. 

If they manage to fill the page they can earn a prize, for example an after dinner treat. This is also a great conversation starter over dinner. I call this activity win – win – win – win – win.

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