I’ll Sing Once More

I can’t believe that this week we will be reading the last three psalms. We started reading on April 13 – right at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. And we’re ending as (hopefully) things are starting the slow crawl to getting back to normal.  I’ve been thinking about it and maybe this was exactly what we needed to guide us through the uncharted territory of the last 5 months. After all, the Psalms help us pray through all of our emotions and I, for one, felt each and every emotion during this time. (Sometimes all in the same day!)

So now I’d really like to know: What was your favorite psalm? Have you tried to memorize it? Why did it speak to you?  Was it what you needed on a particular day? Or maybe it spoke to you personally or to your family? Does it apply to your season in life? I’d love to hear from you (denisao@mungerplace.org)!

My hope is that if and when things are going really well or really terribly in your life, you will remember that you can always open the Bible and pray with the help of the psalms.

Monday September 8th, Psalm 148

Today’s Takeaways:                             

  • We don’t know the author of this psalm or the occasion on which it was meant to be sung. Although some believe it might have been written for the newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.
  • God created the world and everything in it. So when we look around, with every breath we take we should be thanking God and praising Him for all that He’s done.
  • God deserves our praise because he alone is God.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • Sit still wherever you are and just look around. What are three things around you right now, you should give praise to God for?
  • Here is a song you can sing with your kids about appreciating God’s creation.

Tuesday September 9th, Psalm 149

Today’s Takeaways:                             

  • The Psalmist reminds us that even if we feel that there is no “particular” reason to offer praise to God, there is always one big reason, and that is it is right for us to praise and rejoice in our God, the creator of everything, the giver of life.
  • Despite our many, many, many weaknesses, shortcoming and sins, God still takes pleasure in His people. That alone is a reason for praise.
  • Besides praise for God, this psalm also talks about Israel’s punishment of the nations.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • Who are the children of Zion? (the people of Israel; the Hebrew people; the people of God) Can you find Jerusalem on a map?

Wednesday September 10th, Psalm 150

Today’s Takeaways:                             

  • Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Is there any better way than this to end the Book of Psalms?
  • The first psalm contains only six verses and speaks of the man who is blessed. The last psalm also contains six verses but speaks of the God who is praised. 

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • Who / Where / When and Why should praise the Lord?

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