Just Keep SINGING!

Most of our psalms this week point us to praise. We should be so filled with awe and wonder for God that we cannot help but sing! I hope these psalms help you see God’s magnificent power and tender love for His people. 

Monday, August 31 – Psalm 141

Key Points:

  • David cries out to God and asks for help NOT doing evil things. Often, we ask God for what we want, but we don’t always ask Him for what we don’t want! 
  • In verse 5, he says that a righteous man striking him would be a KINDNESS! We are lucky when we have friends in our lives who tell us things that can be hard to hear. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • David is a man who asks God to deal with his own sin before dealing with other people. What sin in your heart do you want to ask God to deal with today? 

Tuesday, September 1 – Psalm 142

Key Points:

  • This psalm was written while David was in a cave. The other psalm written while he was in the cave(Psalm 57) views the cave as God’s protection. Now he views it as a place of isolation and death. 
  • He uses the word “cry” three times. He is desperate for God. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • Even in a dark time in David’s life, he looks to God. We can look to God when we are overwhelmed. What is something that you are overwhelmed or worried about today?

Wednesday, September 2 – Psalm 143

Key Points:

  • David asks God to not bring judgement on him – “for no one living is righteous before you.” This psalm is a song of confession and humility before God. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • This psalm gives us a great prayer to ask God. “Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Today, let’s ask God where he wants us to go? 

Thursday, September 3 – Psalm 144

Key Points:

  • This psalm brings together God’s destruction of enemies and protection of His people. David knew God to be both gentle and powerful. 
  • In light of God’s kingdom, our days are “like a fleeting shadow” – Despite this, God still loves and cares for us. But this perspective is helpful when dealing with problems in this world. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • The last verses(12-15) show blessing for people who follow God. As Christians, our lifestyle should be in sharp contrast to the world around us. How can you seek to be different(in a good way) because you know Jesus? 

Friday, September 4 – Psalm 145

Key Points:

  • This is the last psalm attributed to David and a culmination of everything God has taught him in his life. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • We are made to praise God like this psalm does! Highlight or underline the words used to describe “The Lord” in verses 14-21. 

Saturday, September 5 – Psalm 146

Key Points:

  • God is more trustworthy than any institution on earth. 
  • Men are mortal and God is forever. 
  • God continually looks out for the people our society casts aside. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • What do you look to more than God as your foundation?

Sunday, September 6 – Psalm 147

Key Points:

  • God finds pleasure in those who worship him! 
  • We can look to the sky and the clouds and the stars to see how He has provided for us. 

Today’s Takeaway: 

  • People can recognize us as Christ followers by the way we praise Jesus. What is one thing you can thank Jesus for today? Tell your friends about it! Sometimes it helps me to think of simple things – like. “Thank you, Jesus, for a great night of sleep!”

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