Tick Tock


So what I thought was going to happen is happening. I am starting to dread the day when my kids have to go back to school. These past 6 months have been a wild roller-coaster of emotions. And there were many days when I longed and prayed for normalcy. Or what we considered normalcy 6 months ago. Now I kind of long and pray for the endless lazy summer. Just like Alexander Hamilton, I’ll never be satisfied.

And now, with just a few weeks left before my kids go back to school (and some of yours already have gone back) I am trying to squeeze in a few more things we didn’t get to do this summer, but that I had planned on. Because no matter how much time we have, it just seems to sift through our hands. No matter what experience we arrange for our kids, we can never predict what will stick with them and they’ll announce as their favorite thing ever. But I’ve been working really hard to be there for them as much as possible. That is why this short post took me an unreasonable amount of time to write: because one cutie came over to ask if I’d read her a story (of course I will, I only have about 6 months left before she won’t need me to read to her anymore) and another one came over to tell me all about his civilization computer game and which strategy do I think would be better to deploy in order to take over the world.

You see, even though six months is a really long time, it flies by in a flash. I know. A contradiction. But it’s true. We’ve all heard bazillion times to enjoy all these moments, that it all passes way too soon and we’ll miss these days. But let’s be honest, there are plenty of moments from corona times I will want to forget.

But let’s remember, it’s not about enjoying every minute, rather it’s about enjoying the ones we can and making the most of the ones that are harder to embrace. I needed this reminder and thought some of you might need one too.

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