Do You Have a Carpool “Sign Off?”

In light of a global pandemic, this may seem trivial; but, hey, we need life to be a little trivial sometimes! 

Last week, my daughter participated in dance camp, which was our first activity in approximately 100390343 days. It felt SO refreshing to have a little rhythm to our days. Partially my own fault and partially the fault of the world, we have been in a little bit too much of an “endless summer” mode over here. 

Alas, everyday at drop off I shouted some sort of ramble at her – ”I love you” and “be kind” – that type of thing. BUT, it got me thinking, do you have a phrase you say to your kids at drop off? Did your parents have a saying they repeated to you? 

One of my friends’ parents always told her, “you might be the only Bible someone sees today”! I love the idea of encouraging our kids with a consistent saying their whole lives. What a small, meaningful way to connect with them!

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