I Lift My Eyes Up

Several of the psalms this week talk about where we look in times of trouble. Do we lift our eyes up to God or do we look to things around us? I am quick to look to comforting routines to make me feel safe, but God tells me that the first place I should come is to Him. 

Monday, August 10 – Psalm 120

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Like many of the psalms this one deals with how to handle evil people.
  • The only remedy for sin in this world is God coming back. 

Key Points:

  • In the first line of this psalm, the author is crying out to God for help. Is God your first call? If not, what are the things/people you turn to first when you are in a sticky situation?

Tuesday, August 11 – Psalm 121

Today’s Takeaways:

  • This psalm paints a physical picture of the ways God is with and around us. 

Key Points:

  • Similar to our question yesterday, where do you look for your security and worth? Grades, extracurricular activities, friendships?

Wednesday, August 12 – Psalm 122

Today’s Takeaways:

  • David is talking about making a pilgrimage with other Christians to the city of Jerusalem. There wasn’t a temple there yet, but there might have been a tabernacle. 

Key Points:

  • Following Jesus is meant to be done in community. Who are the people in your Chrisitan community?

Thursday, August 13 – Psalm 123

Today’s Takeaways:

  • The psalm teaches us that waiting on the Lord is not a passive action. The author lifts his eyes to God and repeatedly asks God for mercy. 

Key Points:

  • Being in a relationship with God is a two-way street! We have to consciously choose to look to God and ask Him multiple times for the things. What is something you need to consistently ask God for? Maybe it’s patience or a new friend at school?

Friday, August 14 – Psalm 124

Today’s Takeaways:

  • The author is thanking and acknowledging God for His divine protection. 
  • “Our help is in the Lord” – the author is saying that even in the midst of war, he is relying on God for help, not military protection, weapons, or other nations. 

Key Points:

  • When we take time to thank God, we are acknowledging all God has done for us. What is something you are grateful for today? 

Saturday, August 15 – Psalm 125

Today’s Takeaways:

  • It’s easy to think of God like a gust of wind or gentle spirit, but this psalm paints a picture that God is substantial and heavy and unmovable. 

Key Points:

  • The first and last verse in this psalm show us that we have a choice to trust the Lord or not. We might know about Jesus, but do we trust God with our hearts and plans?  

Sunday, August 16Psalm 126

Today’s Takeaways:

  • This psalm is a celebration of what God has done. 
  • Verses 4-6 address the cycle of sorrow and joy. There will be times in our life when we feel both. 

Key Points:

  • In verse 2, the psalmist says, “Then our mouth was filled with laughter,and our tongue with shouts of joy.” Isn’t it crazy to think of our whole mouth being filled with laughter for what God has done?! What has God done that has brought you joy or laughter?

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