Remember This


You’ve heard us talk about this many times before, but memorizing Scripture is really important. Even though you might not need it now, you never know when it can help you or someone else. It also helps with understanding the Bible. But like everything else, it takes practice. Children as young as 2 years old are definitely capable to memorize simple lines.

Here are some ideas how to help your kids (and you!) to memorize Bible verses.

  • Whatever way works best for your children, the most important thing is to first explain the verse to your children. Trying to memorize something you don’t understand won’t stick long-term.
  • Sing your verses. I am sure there’s lot of science behind it, but whatever the reason is, it’s easier for us to memorize tunes. Either find songs that already exist to memorize or even better, make up your own tune.
  • Hand in hand with that go hand motions (pun intended) or a dance. Kids are really good about making those up.
  • Older kids can create puzzles. Just simply write the scripture out or print it out and cut up in pieces.
  • Create a word scramble.
  • Write out the scripture in bubble letters and color them in.
  • As a family, play a game together. Toss a ball and whoever catches it next, has to say the next word/phrase from your Scripture.
  • Write it on their bathroom mirror or by the breakfast table.
  • Ms Heather showed us a fun balloon game during our virtual VBS and it was a big hit. Write out your Scripture and cut it up into single words or phrases. Stuff those pieces of paper into balloons and blow them up. Play for a while bouncing balloons and eventually pop them. One they are all popped and mayhem is over, have kids gather the pieces and put them together.
  • Last, but not least. Rewards go a long way in our household J


Remember all children are different, some are visual learners, while some are auditory or need to move. Find what works best and run with it. I hope you’ll have fun and engage as a family.



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