A One-Line Prayer

Is it just me or this whole season really…refining? Every few days(okay, minutes) it seems like something comes out in me that I don’t necessarily love. My patience is tested with each request for a new juice cup or different spoon, my creativity is stretched when my kids are bored by 10 a.m., and my meal planning ideas are tapped out. 

BUT, I have been saying a one-line prayer out loud in those moments(you know the MOMENTS), that is changing me. When I say the words, I feel God wringing my heart right there. Are you ready for it? 

God, make me more like you.”

When I want to shout something not so constructive to(at) my kids, God stops me in my tracks. Everyday I have the chance to be just a little bit more like Jesus. That doesn’t mean I plan more activities or color-coordinate their toys, quite honestly, it usually means I LET GO(like Elsa, see, movies are a great use of time). I prioritize less time on my phone and more time sitting on the floor getting my nails painted. We can show Jesus to our kids in 100 small ways right now and that is our privilege.  

So, I hope that you let God upend some things in you that you don’t love, and believe He can and will bring you life to the full NOW in this season.

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