Be Like Paul


So here is the thing, It’s Tuesday 10:30pm and I realized that I am supposed to publish a blog post on Wednesday morning. I’ve been thinking about a topic for a couple of days but thought I had plenty of time. Then I realized I have about 12 hours.

I think one of my biggest challenges during this lock down (as we call it at home) is how the days just bleed one into another and another and another. There are very few anchors in the week. There is nowhere to go and it feels like there’s nothing much to accomplish. (Which is not to say there’s nothing to do – I’ve never felt busier – there’s just not much to accomplish.) Every Sunday morning when we sit down for church my husband and I just look at each other and say “has this been another week already?!”.

I carved out some time today to check in on friends and fellow Mungarians and even with my best intentions realized it’s been a week or two since I talked to some of them. How could it be?

I was preparing our Sunday School lesson today for our preschoolers (instead of drafting this blog post, apparently!) and as I was reflecting on the story of Paul, I realized I can choose to be like Paul.

Paul’s life didn’t start off well, but after his conversion he devoted his life to spreading the good news. For that he ended up in jail couple of times. But he wasn’t afraid; he knew God would take care of him. Paul could have cried and whined and shouted that it wasn’t fair. He could have yelled and demanded to be let free. But he didn’t do that. No, instead he praised the Lord and never gave up hope. He knew that God can work through bad things. He kept on praising God.

And so one night, while Paul was in jail God sent a big earthquake and it shook the whole building and the doors opened and Paul was free! But he didn’t flee.  Instead Paul stayed to talk to the prison guard and teach him all about Jesus. Paul took every chance he got to teach people about Jesus. Through all his time Paul trusted God to take care of him and direct his path. He was ready to give up his life for Jesus if he had to.

The story of Paul is pretty amazing, isn’t it? It shows us that God can use anyone. God can forgive anyone. We have the choice to follow Him and do the right thing. It’s never too late. And when we are in trouble or sad, or when this quarantine feels like a prison, we can choose to be mad or cry or (just like Paul) we can choose to praise God and trust him.

Fear stops here.


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