Reunited At Last


I am always amazed when God tells Jacob “I will go (down to Egypt) with you”. Even when we can’t hear God speak these words specifically to us, we need to keep in mind that He is there.  Try to stress this with your kids as you read with them.  Sometimes things seem hopeless.  Sometimes we feel like we’re alone.  But God is always there, saying “I will go with you.”

But before we dive into this week’s reading I know you’re dying to see the next installment of Kate Miner’s Joseph musical.

Okay, now back to our Bible reading…

Monday March 30th, Genesis 45:1-14

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Joseph couldn’t pretend any longer and decided to reveal his true identity to his brothers.
  • Joseph told his brothers that they didn’t send him to Egypt; God did. Because God brought him to Egypt, Joseph was able to explain Pharaoh’s dreams, prepare for the famine, and save the lives of countless people.
  • Joseph warns his brothers that 5 more years of famine are still coming and asks them to bring their families and their father, Jacob, to live closer so he can take care of everyone. 

Today’s Talking Points:

  • No one would blame Joseph for still being bitter and hating his brothers for what they did to him. But instead, Joseph decides to focus on how much good came from his suffering. Can you think of anything bad that happened but that later turned out good? Sometimes, it’s hard to see, isn’t it?

Tuesday March 31st, Genesis 45:16-28

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Pharaoh is so happy to hear about Joseph’s brother and family. He orders Joseph to send lots of gifts to them and to bring them back to Egypt.
  • When the brothers return home and tell Jacob what happened, he is overwhelmed with joy to hear that Joseph is alive and doing so well.

Today’s Talking Points

  • Why do you think taking care of Joseph’s family is so important to Pharaoh?

Wednesday April 1st, Genesis 46:1-7

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Jacob (also known as Israel) moves ALL of his family to Egypt.
  • God reassures Jacob not to be afraid and repeats his promise to make him into a great nation. 

Today’s Talking Points:

  • How amazing when God tells Jacob “I will go (down to Egypt) with you”. Did you know that even if you can’t hear God speak these words specifically to you, that He is always with you?

Thursday April 2nd, Genesis 46:8-34

Today’s Takeaways:

  • We read the entire family tree of Jacob/Israel. Altogether there were seventy members of the family.
  • Joseph is finally reunited with his father!

Today’s Talking Points:

  • Why do you think knowing about Jacob’s entire family tree is so important? Talk together about some interesting family facts that the kids might not know.

Friday April 3rd, Genesis 47:1-12

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Pharaoh gives Joseph’s family land to farm and to keep their livestock. He also asks if anyone in Joseph’s family can look after the royal animals.
  • Jacob meets Pharaoh and blesses him. 

Today’s Talking Points:

  • At this point Jacob is 130 years old! He has seen so much and his beloved son is safe and secure.  But Jacob still complains that he hasn’t lived for very long and that his life has been too hard. Is there anything you complain about, but in fact should really be thankful for?

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